About Us


Our Approach

We pride ourselves on the highly personal and attentive nature of our offering, and provide a responsive, individually tailored service on which our clients rely. In an industry where reputation is a precious commodity, we make every effort at every stage of the project to ensure clients’ needs are met and expectations exceeded. Consequently, we have developed an unrivalled reputation for quality, for offering exceptional value for money, and for consistently delivering on our promises. This people based ethos leads the business and develops strong team approach and commitment to delivery of each project.

Our Story

Monty’s Builders was established in 2005, earning a solid reputation as a leading maintenance and refurbishment company, operating throughout London and the surrounding areas, delivering quality services to a diverse range of clients.

Our Team

At Monty’s we are a tight-knit team who oversee and manage projects. We are highly skilled, adaptable and have the expertise to overcome any challenges that may arise. Our customer focused business model combined with effective procurement and management of sub-contractors, provides an integrated service to complex and demanding contracts.

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